`camperresort bodelaeke

Camperresort Bodelaeke 

As of today we are partially open again! See News for the conditions. 


This fully automated self-service camper site is open 24/7 between March 31 and October 31 and has 99 semi-paved pitches for campers with their own sanitary

All about Camperresort Bodelake


This fully automated self-service camper site is open 24/7 between March 31 and October 31 and has 99 semi-paved pitches. The location is unique with views over water on all sides on the edge of the Weerribben - Wieden nature park and within walking distance of the tourist center of Giethoorn.

  • The perfect location for luxury campers
  • Accessible to campers up to a maximum of 15 meters.
  • Not suitable for campers without their own sanitary facilities.
  • No Camping!
  • Not accessible to cars with caravans or trailer tents.  

Reservations not possible

During the period that the camper resort is open, if the gate is open, you can check in 24/7 at the kiosk at the entrance to the park. Reservations are not possible, but also not necessary. Given the capacity of the resort, there is always enough space. 


Check-in and Check-out

Arrival and stay
At the entrance to the resort is the so-called Camper Kiosk. Here you fill in your details, choose your place and your duration of stay. The hour rate counts from the time of arrival. Do not let the duration of your stay expire, because this will also expire access to the park and other campers can enter your pitch number at the kiosk.

Load credit
Please note that you only load as much credit as you think you will use, because the card does not refund any credits.

Before the duration of your stay has expired, you can drive in and out of the camper resort with the camper. Make sure that your card balances have been used up as much as possible before you leave. The card with the remaining credit remains valid for a subsequent stay. 


Overnight stay

  • €22.50 per 12 hours. Including tourist tax for 2 people.
  • Each additional person €5.00 per 12 hours (max. 4 persons per camper)
  • Each dog € 1,00 per 12 hours (max. 2 dogs per camper)
  • Extension is only possible per 12 hours. 


Electricity & WiFi is included
The park has free WiFi. Only the first 74 places are equipped with free electricity 16 A 

 Included Extras

  •  dump waste
  • drain water
  • emptying chemical toilet 

 Also only discharge dishwashing water onto stainless steel plate. Check that everything is out of the washing up bowl before you empty it, to prevent blockages. 


In the event of violation/vandalism, the offender pays a minimum fee of €50 as a park manager call-out fee + any additional costs for, for example, towing or repair costs of a toilet, for example 


   Camperresort Bodelaeke

 Vosjacht 10A
 Giethoorn 8355 CM


+31 521 361 573
 [email protected]